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May 29, 2013
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Ouran High school host club x Reader

“Another day in Ouran, another day of pretentious nonsense” I sighed as the School bell tolled to signal the end of my first week at the esteemed Ouran Academy.
I’m a transfer student, my parents shipped me over to Japan from England so I could learn ’respect’ and how to be a ‘lady’, whatever that’s supposed to mean. I’m meant to inherit their company when I’m older but I have very little interest in gothic architecture. I’m far more artistic than that; painting, drawing, writing and music are my interests. I was always interested in Japanese culture when I lived back in England but I was more interested in the REAL Japan, not…this….this school, these…people, they are all so…so…easy…so fake.
As soon as the bells ring half of the girls in the entire school all rush to one room-that “deserted” music room 3. They go so they can play house with those seven ‘hosts’…the boys who find it fun to play with the fragile hearts of teenage girls. I still remember every detail of the end of my first day here.
“Heeyy ________-Chan.” A girl from my class came up behind me and hugged me tightly.
“M-Mizuki-san,” I choked out, “Can’t-breathe.” I flailed my arms around wildly as an attempt to escape. It was all in vain as Mizuki-san just squeezed tighter around my neck. A gaggle of girls from our class had gathered around by now, they were playing with my hair, touching my skin, rifling through the art supplies I had stashed in my bag. They were gushing things like, “See-see this is the colour I want my hair.”, “Your skin is so soft _________-san” and “Look at all these pretty pens and pencils.” I would have been a little more irritated with them if I wasn’t choking to death at the time. While she still held me in a head-lock Mizuki-san said something about an ‘amazing club’ that I just had to visit. I agreed to go so she would release me.
I was dragged along by the group of girls to the mysterious music room. I immediately felt a little better about being dragged around the campus against my will. Maybe I could find a good set of instruments in this music club or even a recording studio. Mizuki-san threw open the double doors and out flew…petals? Why was a music club throwing petals out the door?  I stood there puzzled for a good minute before I realised all the girls around me had already flooded into the massive room.
“Yokoso Hime-sama” sang a tall Blond haired boy. He was very handsome but I wasn’t all that phased, looks don’t really matter to me. He lightly took my hand in his, raised it to his lips and pecked it slightly. He turned his violet eyes up to look deep into mine. As soon as his face turned to look at me he went blue and looked immensely scared. I scowled at him and snatched my hand away.
“What kind of music club is this?” I snarled at him before turning on my heels and dashing towards the school dormitories which would be my home until I could leave this ungodly school.
---flashback over---
And that brings us to today, once again the bells tolled, the girl gushed and dragged. Day after day the same basic routine, except since the first day I had always left before they could open the door. I was in a particular hurry today though because it was a Friday, the day I wrote the story into the manga I would work on through the rest of the week.
I sighed with relief when I made it to my room. The dormitories in Ouran were just as lavishly decorated as the rest of the school. I opened the door into the long and wide corridor of my own little mansion. Doors led off from it everywhere, I hadn’t even tried any other door except one yet, the door to the bedroom. There was a massive emperor size four poster canopy bed on the far side of the room, it was covered with cream and gold bedding and throw pillows. An en-suite led off to the right. There was a desk on the left of the room which was covered with my art supplies, and sat in the middle was the manga I was working on.  I smiled at my desk, there wasn’t much I liked about this school, but that desk, that bed, this room, my space. Yes, this I like.
I threw my bag on my bed and changed into regular clothes, some baggy jeans and a loose t-shirt, and then started to rummage through my bag. “Wait…Wait. No no no no no” I was rifling through my bag searching for my favourite pen, “Oh damn it.” Today during the bustle outside the host club I was in such a hurry to leave it must have fallen out of my bag then, come to think of it, it was partly open when I got home. “Argh, this is so annoying, it was my best one” I sighed and checked my watch. Only twenty minutes or so had gone by since the bell rang, the host club activities would be in full swing by now.  “Sigh, I better go get it.” I tied my hair up and slipped on a hoodie and my converse. I hurried over to the host club and pushed open the doors.
I was hit in the face with the familiar scent of roses and as petals cascaded from the open door.  The boys were sat around the room ‘entertaining’ the girls. Luckily no one had noticed me yet so I began my search. The pen wasn’t outside so I ventured into the room hoping to stay as quiet as possible; I walked up to the more official looking host. He was tall, slim, had dark hair and glasses. He was a senpai, I thought he was a second year but I’ve only been here week and I know no-one’s name. I coughed when I was close to his desk.
“Yes?” he said not looking up. “Would you our range of photo albums for the low low price of 10,000 yen for all six?” Then he looked up. I raised an eyebrow at him, he smirked and rested his head on his hand. “Oh you’re back, and after scaring Tamaki so much.” I could practically hear him laughing at me as if saying ‘they always come back’…I crossed my arms and looked away from him.
“I’m here t-” Was all I could say before he cut me off.
“so what’s your type? Wild, little devil, boy Lolita, cool, prince or natural? Also you honestly shouldn’t come here dressed like that. But I won’t judge.” My jaw dropped, how can people be so vain? I couldn’t stand it any longer I felt the rest of the club had gathered around me to watch my return. I could hear them muttering that I looked nothing like ‘______-chan’  and how I looked like such a commoner. I couldn’t take it much longer and turned on the glasses guy, slamming my hands down hard on the desk before him.
“Look specs-san, I don’t know who you think you are…Hell I don’t even know who you are full stop. But I’m afraid I’m not here to play house with you, I mean as you can see and so-” I cleared my throat for effect. “-charmingly pointed out I’m not exactly dressed for the occasion.” I turned to the staring crowd. “And You lot. You think you can refer to people whose wealth doesn’t rival that of royalty as ‘commoners’ I’ll have you know I have millions to my family name and choose to dress like because it’s comfortable. And anyway who are you to judge how I look? I’ve been here what? A week now and not even one of you has tried so much as to ask me what I like to do…NO you just drag me to a club YOU like without any thought of what I would think of it. I’ll have you know back in England and here my interests are drawing, painting, writing and music. In fact I love writing so much that I dropped every shred of dignity I had and came here to ask if you had seen my favourite pen I always used to use in England.” I snapped my head back round to the dark haired senpai. “So Specs-Senpai as I was saying, before you asked me my ‘ideal type’,  I’m here to find my pen It’s red with a duckling head as the clicker on top, have you seen it?” I was breathing heavily from fury by the time I had finished and everyone was pretty much speechless. The twin hosts were the ones to break the silence first by a burst of laughter. The dark haired senpai merely pushed his spectacles further up the bridge of his nose. The one that was referred to as Tamaki coughed and clapped his hands telling the girls that the host club activities were ended for the day. I snarled and turned to leave but the twins each placed a hand on my shoulders.
“Please stay just a moment.” They said in perfect stereo, I shrugged them off. They giggled and said, “Mori-Senpai?” Immediately the embodiment of the phrase tall, dark and handsome in the form of  the third year senpai who was apparently called Mori came across the room and scooped me up whilst carrying a tiny, cute, giggling, blond boy on his broad shoulders at the same time. I was set down on a very comfortable sofa and the host club stood around me. A small girl dressed in the boy’s uniform brought me some coffee. She gave me a big smile, “Hi my name is Haruhi…and you are?” I felt a little more at ease around her than the others, she seemed far more down to Earth.
“I’m ________, nice to meet you Haruhi-san. Though may I ask why are you dressed like that?”
“What do you mean?” she asked me looking a little wary.
“Well you’re a girl right? So-” Immediately Tamaki covered my mouth.
“SHHHH!” he hissed, “People might be listening and I MUST protect my little girl.” Haruhi-san giggled at this.
“Don’t worry you’ll get used to him.” I bit Tamaki’s hand lightly and he jumped back with a small yelp of pain. This made me laugh for the first time in a while. When I laughed most of the host club blushed.
“I doubt it.” I replied. “Look I just wanted my pen do you have it or no-” I was cut off once again, this time by a plastic tube hitting my forehead. The twins giggled and pointed to the pen that had fallen in my lap. “Ahh My PEN!! Yay thank you!” I was about to dash off when Mori-senpai caught my wrist. “What? Is something wrong??” I asked as Glasses boy stood up.
“We want to apologise, this is a club for-“ It was my turn to cut him off.
“There’s honestly no need. Goodbye Specs-Senpai, Tamaki-Senpai,  Lolita-Senpai, Mori-senpai, Two-of-a-kind-san. I won’t be coming back here, thanks for the pen.” I turned to Haruhi-san and bowed to her. “Haruhi-San I hope I can have some more of your instant coffee soon.” She looked puzzled but happy as I dashed out of the room humming a tune in excitement of writing my manga.
“That’s a shame” Chimed Kaoru and Hikaru, They shrugged in unison, “She was interesting.” They hugged one another and smirked, “Cute too…”
“I must check her file” Said Kyoya polishing his glasses.
“I wonder if she likes sweets?” Honey thought out loud thinking he would offer them to her for a truce.
“I feel awful, she hated me…a girl hated me at first sight.” Tamaki said in his traditional overly dramatic way.
“I liked her” Said Haruhi, “She called it instant coffee, not commoner’s coffee.”
“I thought you didn’t mind us calling it commoner’s coffee.” Said Tamaki with a hopeless look on his face.
“Well of course I mind!” This lead to a heated argument about whether they should change the name of the signature Host club drink to Instant coffee or keep it as Commoner’s Coffee…
No-one noticed Mori had slipped out midway through the discussion to tail the girl who had just left. Mori didn’t often agree with the twins’ point of view but on this occasion he did have to say she was very interesting….and Cute too…
I'm not sure where i'm going to go with this i guess i'll just hope you guys like it
Ouran high school host club (c) Bisco Hatori
You (c) Me Mwahahaha
next chapter: [link]
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ILikeCupcakez123 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
"I bit Tamaki’s hand lightly and he jumped back with a small yelp of pain."  That's what I do when my friend covers my mouth so I'll shut up. xD
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You could not have descrided me any better ^^
It was so me and its funny cuz I freaked out when I lost my pen at school and yelled at a bunch if girls who said I looked like a boy like I could care less but great job totally loved it
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But seriously, this IS me.
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