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June 15, 2013
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Ouran high school host club x reader
Chapter 4
“Takashi” Mori swallowed at Honey’s voice. “Takashi, look at me.” Honey tugged at Mori’s sleeve. He had led Mori to his room and sat him on the bed so Honey could try to look down at his friend. Mori was still too tall even when sitting.  Mori looked down at his little buddy*.
“Mitsukuni, I-I can’t stop thinking about her. I can’t, I just ca-”Honey put a finger to Mori’s lips.
“Takashi, keep talking like that and you’ll lose your voice.” He scrambled up onto the bed to sit next to his friend and patted him on the back. “Why don’t you just tell her?” Mori’s eyes widened a little and he looked down shaking his head. He could never do that, he knew she hated the idea of the host club and he was part of it. She would reject him and he would be so hurt he wouldn’t be able to show his face at Ouran again. “Takashi, you’re thinking too much again.” Honey was always good at knowing what ran through Mori’s mind, they were closer than brothers and their families have worked together since the Edo period.  Honey stood over Mori, by standing on the bed. He knew there was only one way to get him to listen. He had to go dark honey.
“MORI!” Snapped the little boy, demanding his friend’s attention. “This is an order Mori, you will go out there and confess to ________ before somebody else does. Mori haven’t you noticed how he others look at her, aside from Haruhi she is the only one who can keep the twins in check. She can even bring Kyoya down a peg. She is impressive Mori, so tell her before anyone else can!” Mori looked at his friend in shock and with a little awe. Honey’s eyes brimmed with tears as he thought he had hurt Mori.
“Thank you Mitsukuni.” Mori smiled slightly, and honey knew he had helped his friend.
“Takashi!” Honey gripped Mori and they left the room together with one on the other’s shoulders.
Little did they know, Kyoya, the shadow king himself had just moments before listens to the whole conversation.
He had hidden around the corner. Kyoya talked aloud to himself “So Honey-Senpai, are you suggesting the whole club has feelings for __________-San?” He paused and smirked, leaning against the wall behind him. “This could be interesting…maybe I should comply and confess before Mori-Senpai” He wandered to ________’s kitchen, where they had promised to meet the night before, all the while muttering just how interesting this situation could get.
- - -
“Haruhi-san?”  I called across my kitchen as I stepped through the door. “What’re you making?” Haruhi smiled at me and waved a whisk at me.
“pancakes,” she smiled, “they can be sweet or savoury, so everyone will like them.”
“Oh great, may I help?” I asked. I loved cooking back at home in England, though I wasn’t too good at it. We made them together and by then all the boys except Kyoya were around the kitchen table and ate their breakfast heartily. Tamaki said something about him ‘having important things to attend to’. Like I know what that means. Anyway they all left soon after breakfast, except for Mori and Honey.
“________-chan, Taka-chan has something important to tell you.” Smiled Honey pushing Mori closer to me, winking at him,  giggling and then skipping out of the house whilst singing a song about cake. My eyes snapped to Mori, his eyes were averted away from mine.
“Um ________-san…I-I wanted to say.” He looked up stuttering. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. He was about to open his mouth again but was cut off by my phone ringing. He sighed again and waved to let me pick it up.
“Moshi moshi?” I answered not bothering to look at who was calling.
“Hello Miss _______.” English?...i recognised that voice.
“Sebastian?” My family’s long term butler, it’s said his family has been waiting on the rich in England since the Victorian times, and that the original Victorian Sebastian was a spitting image to mine…but that’s another story. I mouthed ‘sorry’ to Mori and wrote down my number and gave it to him, so he could tell me that important thing when I was done. “Hey Sebastian, what’s up. Anything exciting happen whilst I have been away? Corgi’s bite the postman again?” I asked with feigned interest.
“Very funny Miss _______.” Said Sebastian, in his ice cool voice. I smiled, if I missed anything from England it was him, he was my best friend. “The Master and Mistress of the house wanted me to…” he coughed, sounding nervous. “…pass on a message.” My eyebrows raised, it took a big surprise to make Sebastian sound like that.
“Sebastian? Did you die or are you still there?” I heard him sigh.
“Clearly you are not quite a ‘lady’ yet miss _______.”
“Ha! Did you ever think even Japan’s Ouran would help with that?”
“Fair point Milady.” He said flatly…something was most definitely up.
“What is it Sebastian? Tell me now.” I ordered. I heard him take a breath.
“Your parents have arranged an engagement to the son of the Ootori family.” Ootori? Who is that…the last name rang a bell….ENGAGEMENT?!?!
“I’m sorry Milady; it is a good business deal for your father if you and Kyoya Ootori are married.” I stopped…everything stopped.
“Wait…Kyoya?…Kyoya Ootori? Why him? Why me? What’s going on? Sebastian put my mother on the phone.” He paused and I heard muttering on the other end.
“I can’t do that Miss-“
“NOW SEBASTIAN! Otherwise I swear, there is no way I’m ever going back there.” More muttering.
“Okay _____ speak.” Mother cleared her throat, clearly preparing for my upcoming battle.
“Mother.” I was shaking. “Mum, This isn’t the Victorian era anymore…you can’t just arrange my marriage for me.
“________ listen”
“No mum, you listen!” She was quiet. “I can’t do this. I’m only sixteen and Kyoya…he is so shady…and I called him specs-san. It wouldn’t be any good.”
“_______ Kyoya has already been told.” The doorbell rang. “That’ll be him now. Do a good job my little girl.” She hung up but not before I could hear Sebastian shout. ‘I’m sorry Miss _______’ I swallowed hard. This is the twenty first century.
“I know, I’ll just talk to Kyoya, surely he won’t want to get married, even if his father ordered him to.” I grinned, this was perfect, and thank god it was Kyoya and not someone else. He would never have any of this. I ran to the door and opened it…to a bouquet of white roses.
“Hello there, Mrs Ootori.” Said Kyoya smoothly from behind the bouquet. I looked at the bunch of my favourite flowers and then at Kyoya. His eyes were blocked from view as sunlight bounced off his glasses. I couldn’t read him.
“You have got to be kidding me Kyoya.” I breathed out harshly and looked away. He smirked.
“I don’t think me have much choice in the matter.-” The shine disappeared from his glasses. “-My Darling.” My eyes went wide.
“Are you insane Kyoya? We’re just kids, we can’t get married!” He smiled again. He forced the flowers into my hands and then bowed to me. “You will fall for me _______-san. I guarantee it.” He leaned in and placed a kiss on my right cheek. Then he walked away laughing. I had spaced out and held my right cheek with my hand. Did that count as my first kiss? I moved my hand to my heart, it was going crazy. What was happening to me?
- - -
Mori had waited around the corner for her call to finish for five minutes before he saw Kyoya walk past with the bouquet.
He stood there and watched the horrifying scene play out in front of him. He watched one of his greatest friends propose to the girl he loved. He kissed her on the cheek and walked away.
As he moved past where Mori stood their eyes met and Kyoya mouthed ‘Your move’. He laughed as he walked away. Mori looked towards _______ she looked dazed.
“-first kiss?” He only caught the end of her sentence.
“No, no” he thought, “that was me.” Mori looked down, and began to shake with anger. He looked up at her again. She smelled her flowers and smiled dreamily. “This isn’t over Kyoya. I saw her first.”
He clenched his jaw and walked away, throwing the lilies he had picked on the floor.
can't believe i'm using this description again but; sorry it took so long, and once again not even had the chance to proof read but (once again) i hope its okay

Ouran high school host club (c) Bisco Hatori
You (c) Me Mwahahaha

chapter 1: [link]

Previous: [link]
Next: [link]
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