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Chapter 17
Sebastian x Reader
---your pov---

It's been a while since he left…ten years to be exact, I mean exactly ten years. Everyone else is gone now it's just me and Casper here now. My little boy, my miracle. My life nowadays, consisted of sitting across from Casper, playing a game of chess. He's pretty good for a ten year old, in fact he's good at everything; cooking, cleaning, singing, playing instruments…shape shifting too…you know the usual. Just like me, when he was born he had an animal's tail and ears but his were that of a fox. The others were a little surprised when he was born, Baldo and Finny hid in the corner and Mey-rin fainted. Tanaka stood there staring at him, for a while he was quiet…but then he smiled and said in his calm, elderly voice, "He looks just like him, he even has those eyes." He handed the scarlet eyed baby to me and patted his head. "I always wanted a grandchild" I saw a tear in his  eyes before he turned away and deflated into his chibi form and offered me tea with that classic 'oh ho ho'.

Tanaka was the only one who stayed…right to the very end. Baldo went to become a chef in a famous noble's house who liked everything flambéed. That was about ten months after Ciel and…that man left.  Mey-rin was next to go five years afterwards when a tall man with glasses visited the mansion, looking for a place to stay and he fell in love with her as soon as he saw her. She came to love him too and they left the house together once they had got married. After that Lizzy stopped visiting and so did prince Soma…in short all of the usual guests just stopped appearing. That was when Finny chose to go, that made me sad because we had become close, he was like a brother to me then. He's currently a zookeeper at London Zoo. When he told me I was so happy for him, he spends all day outside, works with animals and is strong enough to keep even the lions in check. It seemed perfect so a year ago he left too. Then Tanaka got sick. Casper and I loved him; He was like a father to me and a grandfather to Casper. He passed away at the grand old age of ninety and left Casper his tea set and a huge range of diaries that held all the stories and secrets of the mansion to me. that was a week ago.

Casper…well what to say about him. He really does look a lot like Sebas- like him. The girls at his school have fallen in love already even though they are all only ten years old. His party trick is morphing into a fox, his favourite animal, he says he likes their cunning, their sly personalities and the way the parents care so much for the cubs. He has always been by my side since the day he was born and always says he will protect me. Everyone he meets he instantly befriends and he has no enemies…well…maybe you could count his dad. No matter how many times I tell Casper how much I loved his father, he always frowns and crosses his arms saying "anyone who could leave you alone mum, is nothing to me." Secretly I think he is just upset that he has never met the man I loved.

So yeah, back on topic. It was Casper's birthday!  

"Casper!" I called as I entered his room with a plate of waffles and some milky tea with three sugars. He sat up sleepily in his bed and rubbed his eyes, yawning.
"Mum!" he smiled happily and started to get out of bed.
"No, no! My little prince today is your special day. You get breakfast in bed today." He grinned as he settled back down into bed. He took the tray with his breakfast and ate the waffles in no time at all. He gulped down the tea and then made a face. "Oops did I do it wrong again?" he giggled.
"Mum! How many times have I told you, you only need to add three teaspoons of tealeaves to the pot." I laughed at him and his always wise words.
"Grandpa taught you far too much." He smiled and patted the ears that always seemed to be on my head nowadays. "Hurry and get dressed and then come downstairs for your present."
"Okay." His eyes glowed a little pink when I said the word 'present' and he kissed my forehead before I left.

I was sat in the rocking chair in the living room, I was finishing off Casper's birthday present. It was a new jacket with a small fox as a badge on the breast pocket. The sewing was almost finished, it would only take another two minutes or so. That was when I heard my son come barrelling down the stairs, I tried to hide the jacket somewhere but there was no where I could put it without knocking over the huge array of clothes making equipment I had stacked all around me. I panicked a little I didn't want to present him with an unfinished jacket.
That was when there was a knock on the door…an opportunity. "Casper, can you get that?"
"Huh?" there was a little humour laced into his voice. "I thought today I was a Prince. Honestly did that Soma ever open his own door?" he shouted back, laughing. I heard the door being opened and his usual cocky answer. "Hello sir, and what are you selling today?" I giggled as I finished up the sewing and hastily packed away the other equipment. I had just finished when I heard a light tap on the living room door.
"Come on in." Casper bounded into the room, his eyes glinting.
"Present." He squealed clinging to my waist. I grinned and revealed his new jacket with the fox badge. His eyes widened. "Whoa, Mum I knew you were good but this is great." His eyes glowed again as he looked up at me. "Thank you." I picked him up and hugged him tightly.
"Happy Birthday, my little prince." There was a cough from by the door. I spun around to face the intruder, but stopped dead as I realised who it was.
"Oh yeah mum, this man wanted to see you. He said it was urgent." He looked up at me, I was stood stock still, before running to the twenty something Ciel who was stood in the doorway. He was a little taken aback when I hugged him, but when I pulled away I recognised the familiar smirk I never thought I would have missed. He was taller and had grown to become quite handsome his blue-grey hair was a little longer and his eyes changed from blue to red quite frequently. It took me a ridiculous amount of time to realise that his eye patch was missing and the contract mark was gone too.
"Oh Ciel, what happened? Tell me everything!" He was about to talk when I cut in. "Oh tea, tea I should make some tea for you." I  turned towards the kitchen before Casper cut me off with a knowing look that suggested it would probably be best if I were to leave the tea to him.
"Is that him? Sebastian's child?" Asked Ciel, smirking after Casper as he scurried away. "They are almost identical…arggh what is taking him so long?"
"Calm down Ciel!" shouted a familiar voice. "It isn't my fault you insisted on bringing the kitchen sink along!" Ciel smirked again before elegantly gliding across the room to his regular position by the chess table. I stood facing the doorway, speechless, tears in my eyes. "Ciel is she here? Is she stil-" the voice was cut off as he entered the room. Sebastian stood staring at me the way he always had done. The locket that matched the one hanging from my neck was draped around his. It was the first time I had ever seen him not dressed as a butler, and the first time I had ever seen real tears streaming down his cheeks. "________! God I missed you so much" he appeared beside me so quickly and swept me into his arms before kissing me deeply and passionately. I could hear Ciel pretended to be sick in the corner.
"Honestly Sebastian! After all those lessons on etiquette and you go kissing the lady in public." He covered his mouth in fake disgust. "I'm appalled…oh!" his eyebrows shot up as he looked towards the doorway. I looked at the door and saw Casper stood there, the tray in his hands shaking, his eyes fixed on the man whose back was towards him.
"Sebastian." I murmured , punching his arm slightly trying to urge him to take a look at his son. Sebastian began to turn and when Casper saw him the tray fell to the floor. Tea and porcelain went everywhere.
"Y-you…are you…" Casper broke off. Sebastian fell to his knees staring at the miniature version of himself that was before him. "Daddy!" Shouted Casper, running into his father's arms. Sebastian grinned as he embraced his son.
"Finally." Said Ciel as I came to join my family in the giggling heap on the floor. He smirked smugly and moved his knight forward. "It's good to be home."

*six months later*

I sat across from Ciel as we played another game of chess. We both cheated brilliantly at the game when we played now, he was a terrible example. We both looked out of the window and watched Sebastian chasing a fox around an old oak tree in the garden. Once he caught it the fox changed into a small cat and curled up beside the heavily panting Sebastian who was leaning against the tree.
"When are you going to tell them?" Ciel asked me. "About the…you know." I smiled as I turned to face him. I rested a hand on my stomach and smiled down at my belly where another life was growing.
"In all honesty Ciel, I think they already know." I pointed out of the window at Sebastian and the newly transformed fox next to him. They were both staring at us and nodding. Ciel just rested his head in the palm of his hand and moved another chess piece.
He winked at me convinced of his win. "Ciel…how many times do I have to tell you…there's no way you can win anymore. I'm married and have a child. I'm getting old." My hands worked on the board for a second. "Checkmate." Ciel scowled as he looked back down at the board and saw his king surrounded by all my pieces, even the ones he had already taken. He smiled.
"You cheater." I stuck out my tongue.
"I learned from the best." We both laughed and looked out of the window to see a small fox asleep in my new husband's arms.
Almost eleven years ago I stumbled into a beautiful garden at night and fell asleep in a tree and I was rescued from a demon dog by a demon who would soon turn out to be the love of my life. If somebody back then had told me what I would go through…well it all sounds a little far-fetched even now. But this is the life I have lived and even if I could I wouldn't change a second of it, not for the world…
Here it is ^^ the long awaited final chapter. I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has spent time reading my story, if it weren't for you guys this wouldn't have gone past one chapter, i love you guys ^^ thank you all

I do not own any characters from black butler
(and for the record i don't own you either...unless you want me to)

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