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June 24, 2012
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Sebastian x Reader
Chapter 1
---Your Pov---
I've been on the street for as long as I can remember, my father died before I was born and my mother died in childbirth. The hospital kicked me out when I was seven so now I am alone and have been for eleven years. Oh yeah and I'm also a little odd…how to put this…I can change.  I'm a shape shifter, when I was born they say I had cat ears and a long white tail. I had people screaming for weeks, eventually they went away.
I don't really have much control over when I shift, usually I turn into cats when I'm distressed and at night I partly morph and get my ears and tail. To be honest I never really minded becoming a cat, I personally love them, their heightened senses, their athletic build, the ability to sneak in and out of bakeries and steal food without being detected (that's always a plus when you are living on the streets) and there is one other reason I love my power which developed quite recently, it was when I met HIM.
One night during one of my long walks in the shadows I came across a beautiful mansion, it was gigantic, it made me think how lucky some people are or maybe just how unlucky I was. Anyway I decided to go explore around the outside of the mansion, it was huge the gardens were beautiful and there were statues and fountains all around, the trees were trimmed into wonderful shapes some looked like giant chess pieces it was a wonderful sight. I felt so calm sitting there in that garden. Being outside and around nature made me feel not so abnormal, even with my tail and feline ears. I decided I would sleep there that night it was far more comfortable lying on the soft grass than on a stone wall somewhere or on a bench in some lonely park .  This was the last thing I remember thinking  before I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.  
I jolted awake at the sound of a low pitched growl next to my head. "oh god!" I moaned…as the gigantic dog next to me began to bark loudly and then…wait what…breathe fire? "Demon Dog!" I screamed (and then cursed a little under my breath, oh don't look at me like that, in this situation I'm sure I wouldn't be in the wrong). As I said before when I get distressed I change, the ground got closer as I shrank and my feet and hands turned into paws my current tail shrank a little to fit my new body and my human ears disappeared as I became a pure white cat with four black paws and a black tail. I sprinted away and scampered up a nearby tree shaped like a bishop. I thought I had got away, until that stupid dog set fire to my tree and I found that before I transformed he had also scratched my back right leg, the cut was deep and it bled so much that I thought I was going to pass out. I was just thinking about how odd it was that nobody had come out to see what the commotion was about then I realised it was probably more odd that the thought of dying didn't bother me, it's not like I had much reason to live anyway. Just then the fire was put out and the dog stopped growling and instead woofed happily as it transformed into a human form I hadn't met many demon dogs and I detested them they are the pure opposites of us shifters who are humans who transform into animals they are dogs that can at times look human, I wasn't the biggest fan of dogs at the best of times, but demon dogs are just the worst.
Of course again I am getting off track you are probably confused as to why the dog stopped attacking me. Well that was thanks to a tall man, with black hair and blood red eyes. He was the handsomest man I had ever seen, but I didn't trust him demon dogs don't like just anyone. However it appeared that the handsome stranger wasn't too fond of the now naked man who had jumped into his arms. He sighed and murmured something about having to re-do the trees, so it was him who made the garden so beautiful. I leaned back against the trunk of the tree and let out a small "meow" of pain as I stretched out my injured leg. Blood gushed from the gash on my leg and I meowed in pain a little louder, which attracted the stranger's attention. As he looked up at me he blushed and gave the small smile of someone who was falling in love…this I found a little odd as I was still a cat. This was the point when I fell out of the tree due to my fainting because of the loss of blood. The world went black.
---Sebastian's Pov---
That damn dog had done it again burnt my expertly shaped chess piece tree.  
I heard the cutest noise I had ever heard. I looked up at the tree and saw a small white cat with a black tail and black paws cowering from Pluto, she seemed so scared of the dog and maybe also of me. It was then that I saw blood gushing from her leg, I dropped Pluto and moved to quickly catch her as she fainted and fell from the tree. She really was a beautiful cat, why couldn't the humans be this elegant. If she were human I'm sure she would have the sweetest soul. I couldn't leave her there alone so I carried her inside up to my room, bandaged her leg put her to sleep on a soft pillow and lay a saucer of milk next to her head.  Ahh she was a perfect specimen. I took a last look at her and got ready for bed.
*three hours later*
I woke up at five am, to a bit of a shock there was a girl lying on my bedroom floor wearing nothing but some old rags that she must have been wearing for a while. She had __(h/c)__ hair and looked strange for a human, in sleep she was beautiful to say the least she looked almost…feline…ahh I see. She had cat ears and a cat tail, it was strange but I really wanted to stroke her small white cat ears. I knelt by her side and reached out my hand but before I could touch her, the ears disappeared along with her tail and her eyes snapped open they were a beautiful __(e/c)__ colour.  But the thing that stood out most about her was her soul it smelt as sweet as she looked. I was practically drooling, not exactly proper procedure for a butler.  I hadn't realised that I was staring at her and she was staring back at me.
--your pov---
I awoke to see the handsome butler who saved me last night kneeling by my side. His eyes were staring deeply into mine it was as though he was staring into my very soul.  It took me a while to realise I was lying on the floor next to a man who made me feel very strange inside whilst wearing old rags that were barely suitable for life on the street, I felt very underdressed compared to him in his swallowtail jacket and waistcoat, oh he was very handsome. I coughed a little which for some reason caused him to smirk.
"Oh now milady it is impolite not to cover your mouth when you cough. Now please would you do me the honour of telling me your name." he said whilst still smirking smugly. It kind of irritated me so I thought for a moment before retaliating.
"You speak of politeness sir, and yet isn't it impolite not to give your name to a so called lady before asking her what her own is." At this he raised his eyebrows a little but he laughed a little, oh he had the most wonderful laugh.
"I am Sebastian, Sebastian Michaelis, now would you do the honour of telling me your name…?" delighted I had started to get my own way it was my turn to laugh and say.
"nice to meet you Sebastian my name is _____ I don't know my last name, in fact I don't even know much of who I am…ouch!" I had just realised I had a bandage wrapped around my right leg where the demon dog had scratched me last night. The bandage started to turn scarlet with my blood and once again I passed out, but not before Sebastian caught me and laid me down gently and rested my head on a soft pillow and whispered, "don't worry _____, I will make sure you are okay soon…sleep well"
my first xReader i hope you like it ^^ i worked quite hard on this first chapter. please please please tell me what you think ^^ thank you!

i do not own any characters from black butler
(and for the record i don't own you either...unless you want me to)

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