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July 7, 2012
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Sebastian x Reader
Chapter 12
---Your pov---
When Sebastian and I burst into the ballroom Lizzy had fainted in front of a woman wearing a bright pink dress and a tall pink top hat with a veil. I walked up to the woman in the centre of the commotion and lifted the thin veil covering her face.
"Arrgh!" I shouted…okay so it wasn't a woman, it was a man. It was him the one from the graveyard, the one who told me Sebastian was a demon. "Jeez, you scared me. Why on earth are you wearing that?"
"Heeheehee, It's a fancy dress ball, so I came in a fancy dress. Heeheehee." I raised an eyebrow, Ciel who was dressed as a king, (with a crown and everything, it was very cute) sighed and stood in front of the man.
"Undertaker, I told you, you could come if you wore something that wouldn't scare people." 'Undertaker? That's a weird name' I thought to myself…though he was a weird man. Ciel sighed again. "I thought you would do something like this." Ciel rubbed his brow. "I prepared another costume for you, _______ would you please take him to the second guest room his costume is prepared up there."
"Of course young master." I bowed and then turned to the Undertaker. "Please follow me." As we began to walk out of the ballroom the commotion had cleared and music started up, couples paired off and started dancing gracefully. The Undertaker kept on laughing his unique laugh from behind me until we left the ballroom.

"Heeheehee, so, you and Sebastian made up then? Heeheehee." Asked the Undertaker, he seemed genuinely curious.
"Why do you always laugh?" The Undertaker didn't answer he just continued to laugh. "You are very strange…do you have a real name or are you just called Undertaker?..." I paused to let him answer but he just laughed harder. "You are kind of getting irritating you know?" The Undertaker collapsed with a loud thud behind me in a fit of giggles. I sighed but couldn't help laughing a little, his laughter was really infectious. I held my hand out in front of him to help him up but instead of pulling himself up he pulled me down. I landed on top of him in a heap. He laughed really hard and the hair that always covered his face shifted out of place, and for the first time I saw what he looked like. He was quite handsome, aside from a large scar that ran across his face. I had expected him to look quite old but he looked possibly just a little older than Sebastian. But again it was his eyes that drew me in, just like Grell and William he had those strange green and yellow banded irises. He also wore a pair of glasses but they were very thin, and small enough for his hair to cover them. I knew he was a reaper like Grell and William. "Oh, I am sorry." I said, suddenly realising I was staring when his face had gone a little red. I got up and dusted myself down and held out my hand again. "Don't pull me down again, okay?" He nodded and for the first time since I had met him he didn't laugh. He took my hand and stood up.
"Heh." This laugh sounded different…almost nervous. I smiled. "Sorry about that. Heh heh." He laughed nervously again. His whole voice had changed instead of the loud and crazy (AN: and awesome xD gotta love Unny) voice he usually had he sounded quieter…more refined. His hair flopped back over his face.
"That's okay" I smiled and we continued to walk down the long corridor. I opened the door to the second guest room and turned on several gas lamps in the room to light it up.  The undertaker sat on the bed and took off his high heels. He had really gone all out on his outfit.

The wardrobe was lined with lots of different costumes.  But the one that caught my eye was a mad hatter's costume (AN: Yes I stole the idea from Ciel in wonderland but I don't care Unny looked HAWT). I pulled out the whole costume and handed it to him. "Here," I said grinning, he started to undress right there in front of me, "woah, woah wait a second." I pushed him into the bathroom. "Get dressed in there." I shut the door behind him…I had the feeling that he wasn't around people that much, he seemed a little socially awkward.

When he finally emerged from the bathroom he looked great, but it wasn't quite right he still looked a little scary. "Hold still." I told him. I took off his hat and tucked the hair covering his face underneath his hat. With his face showing I was sure he wouldn't scare anyone.
We were outside the ballroom door, "ready?" I asked him, he smiled and laughed a bit of his old spark was back.
"Heeheehee, thank you. Heeheehee" We walked into the ballroom.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that everyone's head's span.  Women rushed to the Undertaker begging him to dance with them. I smiled at him and mouthed 'you're welcome' to him and bowed slightly. I decided that having the Undertaker as a friend was a good thing. I didn't have much time to think about it though because a new dance was starting, and I felt a tap on my shoulder, It was Prince Soma's servant…Agni.
"May I have this dance?" he asked me so kindly I couldn't say no. I was a little nervous because the only time I had ever danced well was with Sebastian.
But Sebastian had taught me how to dance so I knew I would be okay. I didn't let him hold me as close as I had let Sebastian hold me, to be honest he wasn't a fantastic dancer and he kept talking about how amazing Prince Soma was. Which was a coincidence because when he winked somewhere over to my left Prince Soma tapped on his shoulder saying, "may I cut in?"
Prince Soma's dancing was…interesting, he said it was a traditional Indian dance…he looked like a chicken. I'm just saying. He wouldn't stop talking about the perks a woman would have if she were to marry him. I could only laugh and pretend to be disappointed that I wasn't her.  The next to cut in was the Viscount.
Our dance was the worst of all, he kept trying to get close to me but I kept him at arm's length and occasionally stepped on his foot. There were others that I danced with including Finny, Baldo, The Undertaker and even briefly Ciel. But when Sebastian came to dance with me it felt like the word had stopped and everything was just centred on the two of us. He kissed me and held me close as we gently turned to the music, it felt as though nothing could stop us…

When would I learn that whenever I thought that, something would get it the way. That was when we heard the explosion and the glass in the ballroom windows shattered covering everyone in glass.

-there will be more soon ^^
Okay here it is *drumroll* CHAPTER 12 ^^ heeheehee there is a lot more Unny in this one xD you gotta love him.
Yep another cliffhanger, i'm sorry but :iconthatshowirollplz: xD

i do not own any characters from black butler
(and for the record i don't own you either...unless you want me to)

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