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July 14, 2012
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Sebastian x Reader
Chapter 14
---your pov---

I woke up that morning feeling very sick. I ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet…it wasn't pretty. I drank some water before getting changed into my maid uniform and hurrying downstairs to start chores for the day.

Mey-rin was sweeping up some broken glass in the ball room so I offered to help her do that. I knelt down and held a dustpan so she could sweep the glass in easily.
"So, Mey-rin…where did you learn how to…shoot people." I had been curious since I had seen her jump gracefully out of the window and shoot with absolute precision while still in mid-air.
"It was about two years ago." She answered quietly while leaning on her broom. She took a deep breath and carried on. "I was an assassin, people hired me to kill others who had wronged them...I'm not proud of what I used to do. One day I was meant to kill someone…but I couldn't do it, Sebastian found me and brought me here." She looked at me. "I pose as a maid…but my true job, protect the mansion."
"woah…that's amazing! Do you only use pistols or…"
"I prefer sniper rifles…but I don't use the scopes…because I am so farsighted I don't need them."
"Y-you're incredible." I stammered, shocked that this small, clumsy maid could be so skilled. She blushed.
"M-me? No you are the incredible one…you have been here a week and you have mastered your power an-" There was a knock on the door and the real size Tanaka poked his head around the door.
"Master Ciel and Mister Sebastian have been called to London, Lady Elizabeth and Paula are preparing to leave for home. Oh yes and Ciel told me to tell you Miss _______, that if you still need a wedding dress you can use his mother's. You can look at it in his parents' old room, it's the room next to his." I smiled a wide smile, I was so happy that Ciel thought enough of me to offer his mother's dress for me to wear. I bowed to Mey-rin and Tanaka, thanked them and hurried out of the ballroom.

It was a long walk to Ciel's room it was on the other side of the mansion. I had only been there once when Mey-rin asked me to help her clean his room. When I reached his room I walked past to the door just next to it. I took a deep breath and walked in, it felt like an honour to be allowed into their room. It was beautiful, the walls were painted a deep blue and cream. There was a fireplace with a huge mantelpiece which was lined with souvenirs and photographs. Each of the photographs were labelled with who was in each picture. One had a picture of a toddler Ciel hugging a dog…the caption said Ciel and Sebastian. I burst out laughing, it was ironic how Sebastian was named after a creature he hated. The next photograph was of Ciel and a beautiful woman…the caption was Rachel and Ciel.
The photograph in the centre was a group photo Rachel was wearing a beautiful white dress and a man who looked eerily similar to Sebastian was wearing a suit. The man and Rachel were hugging in front of an enormous crowd of people who were all stood in front of the manor…the caption read Rachel and Vincent's wedding. Everyone looked so happy. I smiled at the pictures and pulled out a cloth from my pocket to dust them down. After I finished I went to the wardrobe to find the dress. The top was corseted and low cut, the sleeves rested off the shoulder and there was black lace everywhere over the top. The skirt was huge and the fabric gathered at both sides and the way it fell left a small train at the back. There was also a veil that went with the dress. I loved it!

I wasn't sure where to try it on, I didn't want to drag it around the house to change in my own room, but i wasn't sure it would be right to change right there…although no one would come in, and Ciel said I could use it. I put it on slowly and carefully, making sure I didn't tear it. It took about ten minutes to put it on and then another twenty doing the corseted top up…not easy by yourself. I finally finished and put on the veil when there was a knock on the door. I was in a slightly compromising situation and I hadn't looked in the mirror yet…for all I knew I could have looked like a rotten marshmallow.
"Uhm, who is it?" I called
"Lizzy, I wanted to say goodbye, I was told you were trying on a wedding dress." She shouted giddily clearly she wanted to see. I smiled.
"Come in." I sighed and I heard her giggle before running in…with a camera. I was blinded by a bright flash. She didn't speak…the giggling had stopped. My vision came back in blotches and eventually I saw her expression. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was covered by her small hand. "It looks ridiculous doesn't it?" She just stood there blinking every so often. "I-I'll go into the town centre tomorrow and buy a plain one." Her hand fell from her mouth. And she looked as though she was about to cry even though she was beaming.
"You look just like her." She said…she moved to the picture of Ciel's parent's wedding and pointed to Rachel Phantomhive. I couldn't look like her, she was beautiful. I frowned and Lizzy clearly noticed, she walked to a table covered with a large white sheet. She pulled the cover off the table to uncover a mirror on top of it. "Just look!" she ordered with a grin. I moved slowly toward the mirror with my eyes closed I knew I couldn't possibly look like Rachel. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. And I gasped.
"See?" Said Lizzy. "I've never seen anything quite so beautiful." She pulled a stool up behind me and picked up a brush from the table she removed the veil and brushed my hair. She began weaving it in an intricate design much like the hairstyle Rachel had in her wedding photograph. Lizzy removed a flower from her hair and set it in mine, before replacing the veil on my head. She undid the corset before tightening it up properly, and adjusted the skirt. To have Lady Elizabeth do this for me…
"hmm?" she replied totally engrossed in her adjustments.
"Will you be my maid of honour?" She stopped adjusting and looked up at me tears were filling her eyes.
"Really?" she squeaked. I nodded and smiled. "Oh thank you!" she exclaimed hugging me tightly around my waist. "I'll sort out the bridesmaid's dresses." I laughed I knew they would probably be awfully frilly, but it would make her happy. "How many are you going to have?"
"Three, you, Mey-rin and Paula I hope." Lizzy smiled and nodded. Then her eyes began to water heavily.
"I'm going to miss you ______! You are a really good friend." She hugged me again.
"I will see you again soon my friend." She smiled through her tears.
"I have to prepare your gifts too." She sniffed. "Something old and something borrowed could be the dress." I nodded and smiled, that would be fine. These silly traditions seemed so foreign to me but if she wanted to do them then that's fine. I would be happy marrying Sebastian anywhere, but I was determined to make others happy too on the best day of my life. "something new and something blue…hmm let me think about it." She scurried form the room after waving goodbye. I smiled and turned back to the mirror. I took off the dress put my uniform back on and ventured back through the house to finish my daily duties.

Throughout the day I had met with my friends. I asked them about their talents. Baldo had been in the British army…he had seen the rest of his battalion be murdered in front of him. Sebastian killed the opposition and rescued him to work in the manor. Finny had been experimented on and the injections they had given him had given him his strength. Sebastian had caught him running away and offered him a place at the manor. Finny liked it here because he was allowed to stay outside all day and he wasn't experimented on. My friends were so brave and talented. I closed the door to my room and yawned. I fell into bed fully clothed and slept restlessly many nightmares popped into my head when Sebastian didn't sleep next to me. I felt uneasy without him there, I could only hope he and Ciel would be home soon and be safe.
not much to say but enjoy i hope it was worth the wait.

I do not own any characters from black butler
(and for the record i don't own you either...unless you want me to)

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