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July 15, 2012
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Sebastian x Reader
Chapter 15

---Your pov---

Days passed and there was no news from Sebastian and Ciel. Lizzy had almost finished planning the wedding, she had given me a blue bracelet and a new purple and gold necklace. Everything was almost ready…almost perfect all I needed was him.

That was the night I went to my room early I brushed my hair and slipped into a nightgown. For a while I sat by my window gazing at the stars and I wondered if he was doing the same. I heard pluto bark and then there was a flash of orange light. I looked down and saw Pluto lying calmly at the feet of a tall stranger with giant white wings. The stranger stroked Pluto and pointed at a tall tree just outside the window. Pluto almost seemed to nod before standing and opening his mouth. The giant dog took a deep breath and burnt the tree to cinders in one breath before running around the mansion breathing fire all over it. What on earth. I sprouted my large black wings and dove from my window towards the stranger. I tackled him and landed on top of him pinning his arms onto the ground.
"Maybe you should be trying to stop the dog." Said the pale man below me with a voice like silk. His violet eyes felt as though they burnt into my skin. "Your soul, so pure, so free of sin." His wing brushed my face. I shuddered at his touch. "Come with me." He said I was about to come back at him with a smart remark when I heard a scream.
"Mey-rin!" I leapt from the man and flew towards the mansion to find my friends. Mey-rin was leaning out of a top floor window waving. She and Tanaka were in his room and Tanaka was writing something in his diary I grabbed his arm and Mey-rin held a tail I made appear we flew from his open window. I wanted to scold the old man for not running but there was no time. Finny was running towards the mansion, he had been in the gardens asleep until he had heard Pluto howl. Baldo ran from the kitchen's back door straight into the courtyard and towards us. I couldn't see the strange man anywhere and Pluto had set the whole mansion alight in a matter of moments. He had run towards the town centre. I flew up high and told the others to run as I flew towards the town centre to stop that damn dog.

Minutes pasedt and all I could see was the wreckage that had been caused, Pluto was nowhere near me. I saw many well dressed and glasses clad reapers leaping around the city buildings reaping souls left right and centre. The havoc that the city had been thrown into had happened so quickly. When flying near the docks I heard screams from people on a boat on the horizon. People terrified of the lives they had and the loved ones still on land going up in smoke. There was mass commotion children were tripping and being trampled and separated from their family.

It took me an hour to find the dog he was still spewing fire and was stood on top of a large statue. I knew he was a beast but I didn't think he would do this. "________!" called Mey-rin who was stood at the base of the statue along with Finny, Baldo and,
"Ciel!" I shouted as I raced back to solid ground and landed by their feet I held Ciel closely to me. Before holding him at arm's length to inspect him. His clothes were torn and his knees were bloody. "Where is Sebastian?" I shouted, Ciel looked at me, his eye's wide. He clearly didn't know the answer. I clutched my stomach, and silently asked the baby if it knew where it's father was. I couldn't stop the tears that flowed form my eyes. I couldn't register sound and my vision went cloudy. Mey-rin shook me as I fell to my knees. Sebastian, where are you? I felt something inside me…I looked up at a nearby building. Sebastian was staring at the group of us and was stood next to the stranger who controlled Pluto. Ciel ran away and mounted a nearby horse.
"He's right." Said Baldo. What had I missed as I was spaced out.
"We have to kill him Finny." Said Mey-rin whilst consoling a Distraught Finny. Kill…I looked at them and then to Pluto. The dog's eyes were red…he wasn't our Pluto anymore, he belonged to the stranger.

I transformed into an eagle and I flew up to Pluto dodging any flame he shot at me. I needed to distract him while the others got a good aim. When I landed by him I changed into a giant lion, I matched Pluto's size and wrestled him and pinned him down so he would stay still. He belched fire at me and hit my neck I let out a deep roar of pain. As heat shot through my body. I couldn't let him go. I had to hold him still. Bullets flew towards us and hit Pluto's skin. He growled a little but was still alive. The bullets didn't go in deep enough. At their attacks he shot fire down at them and hit them precisely with each shot. My friends burned and fell. My heart sank and my anger reached its limit.  I knew I'd have to kill him. I roared and wrestled with him with all my might. He burned two legs, a front paw and my neck with his attacks before I managed to push him from his pedestal. He fell to the ground and lay motionless on the floor next to my friends. I sprouted wings and flew to them. I put out them fire that surrounded them.

They weren't too badly burned and they still had pulses I think their wounds would heal soon. I inspected the dog's crumpled body. He was as dead as anything else that fell from that height would be. Tears fell from my eyes, I didn't know what was going to happen now. I transformed back to a human. My clothes were gone and I looked at my wounds. My neck was bleeding badly and some of the skin on my legs was melting away.  My hand wasn't too badly hurt though. I apologised to the passed out Mey-rin as I removed her apron and started to tear it to pieces. I wrapped he cloth around my burns, wincing every time I touched them. Ehen I had finished my anger had gone and I realised just how much pain I was really in. I leaned against the base of the statue and watched as the city burned.
"Please Sebastian, save…Mey-rin. Save…Baldo. Save-" I coughed up a little blood. "-Finny." I paused, panting. "Save…Ciel." I laid a hand on my stomach hoping beyond hope that my child was okay. "Seb…ast…ian…SAVE US!" I screamed my last words. My throat was dry and my voice was hoarse I wrapped the remainder of Mey-rin's apron around myself. And passed out, praying all the while, my knight would return.

*a week later*

I woke up in my room in the mansion. The wedding dress was laid across the base of the bed and my friends were all asleep in chairs around my bed. Sebastian was asleep in a chair next to me holding my uninjured hand tightly. I inspected my other hand, there wasn't even a scratch on them. I checked my legs. There was not a mark there. On feeling my neck the skin was slightly uneven in a small area, but it didn't hurt.
For a while I sat there watching my friends breathing steadily and I wondered if I had just imagined the fight with Pluto. Sebastian's hand tightened around mine and his eyes opened slightly. He looked at me.
"______?...______! You're okay!" His eyes were red and swollen as if he had been crying. My friends around me began to awake. They looked at me and ran to my side and embraced me in their arms.

"So Sebastian, where is Ciel? What happened?" I asked an hour later after my friends had gone.
"The young master is asleep in his room…" He trailed off when I gave him a look. "The contract was completed, so I tried to take his soul…but…something happened. It's complicated, but in short Ciel was practically dead." I blinked and held his hand urging him to continue. "I retrieved his ring from another family mansion. The Trancy household is similar to this one. Alois Trancy is a young noble who sold his soul to a demon like myself and he has many demons working for him." I was a little confused.
"How is Ciel asleep?"
"He is still alive but he needed his ring back to…live again." He paused. "It's very complicated and you have been in a coma for a week so I'm going to make this simple for you." He held my face in his hands. "Ciel has lost some of his memories…he doesn't remember anything about you." I started to cry and Sebastian frowned as he wiped away my tears.
"What do we do?"
"We will just introduce you to him again, we will be married eventually, we will just have to wait a while." I nodded and tried to smile through my tears. I looked at my stomach and I knew the child was okay because my stomach had grown slightly, I could feel it.
"He's okay." I told Sebastian whilst he stroked my stomach.
"He?" Sebastian asked.
"Yes. It's a boy…I can feel it." I told him with a smile. Something inside me knew everything would be okay…I just needed to marry Sebastian, have the baby and we would be a happy family and live happily ever after…

When would I learn that life wasn't that simple.
Not much longer left now i'm afraid...maybe two chapters left now...enjoy

I do not own any characters from black butler
(and for the record i don't own you either...unless you want me to)

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