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June 26, 2012
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Sebastian x Reader
Chapter 5
---Sebastian's pov---
I made my way to my young master's room, the walk was long so I had far too much time to think. I couldn't see her anymore this was dangerous. If both she and the Young Master were ever both in danger, who would I save, I have an obligation to the little bra-master but…no I have to try hard to avoid her. I must get unattached…but she wouldn't be of any use to Ciel if she cannot learn to transform into something more protective. I stopped at my master's door and let out a long sigh.
"Good morning young master, today's tea is-" I had been so distracted I forgot to bring his tea up. "My apologies…My lord, I have forgotten your tea." The brat…Ciel smirked. There was no fooling him for a human child he was wise far beyond his years. However, selling your soul can do that to a person I suppose.
"Not a problem Sebastian I will receive my tea in the dining room today" He said raising his arms so I could dress him for the day. "How did your 'preparations' for Lizzy's visit go?" Said Ciel still smirking, he knew exactly what happened last night. "Oh and do tell me Sebastian how is Miss ______ this morning did you entertain her sufficiently last night…" due to my silence he grew impatient, "…answer me Sebastian!"
"She was asleep. My lord." Ciel looked surprised that I had admitted it, though if I had lied he would have known about it.
"Sebastian…are you in lo-" I had to cut him off I would cure myself of this and remain the number one butler.
"My lord sorry, but if we don't get you breakfast soon you will be far too hungry for Miss Elizabeth's extended visit." Ciel looked almost sorry for me…he may annoy me sometimes but there is no doubt that he understood me almost better than I understood myself.
"Yes Sebastian you are right, prepare my breakfast."
"Yes, my lord" I said glad he had let the subject of Miss _______ go. Could I really forget about her…?
---Your pov---
I fell back into bed, the emotions inside me didn't feel right, they were confusing, they burnt me up inside. I felt wide awake and exhausted at the same time. This had never happened to me before, It's obvious that a street urchin worries more about food than romance, so of course I didn't know what to do…
"I have to avoid him," I said out loud. "Maybe if I don't think about him or talk to him then I will get him out of my head. It didn't work I slowly got changed into my maid uniform, it was quite a bit shorter than Mey-rin's, it stopped just above my knees. There was another hole in the back of the dress it was covered with a light fabric so that if my tail popped out it would be able to move, but no one would be able to notice the hole without my tail…Sebastian must have done it for me last night…damn, okay the not thinking about him thing lasted about a minute. I put on some stockings to make sure my legs were covered, and brushed my ___(h/l)____ ____(h/c)_____  hair and left it down. I put on my maid headdress looked in the mirror to check how I looked.
I was surprised, my hair was shining, my eyes looked big and bright…I looked good…my surroundings were affecting me. The way I was treated by everyone, it was influencing me. I remembered that Shifters' health is affected by their environment…so this is what I looked like when I was treated correctly. I had a job a home, some friends and some presents. These were all new to me I had always looked so unhealthy the only thing that ever kept me alive was the hope I felt every time that a person gave me food or money. I realised just how happy I was here and how happy I could be if I stayed. I smiled at my reflection and left my room.
*5 minutes later*
"Mey-rin!"  I called down the hallway waving at her, the fact that Sebastian visited me last night made me more certain about Mey-rin. When she turned around I saw that she was carrying a huge stack of plates. "Whoa," I ran forward and caught the plates before they fell to the floor.  "Have you ever thought of only carrying a few plates at a time?" Mey-rin let out a nervous giggle.
"y-you're right, Miss…I mean _______ how about we take half each?" we split the plates but she was still having a hard time carrying them so I said;
"Look I'll take all of them and you can open the doors for me, how does that sound?" Her eyes widened clearly she didn't think I was capable. "Don't worry I have great balance." I do spend like have my time as a cat I thought. I picked back up all of the plates, "lead the way Mey-rin" I smiled, she blushed then smiled back clearly glad for my help. She led me to the dining room and held the door open for me.
"oh good morning Mey-rin, _______," said Ciel's voice he must have been having breakfast, the plates were stacked so high in front of me that I couldn't see him. I decided to reply as soon as I put down the plates. I tried to carefully place the plates on the counter but the very top plate slipped. Before I realised what was going on or how I would catch it my tail shot out and caught the plates just before it hit the floor. Ciel perked up and looked interested. Mey-rin fainted, I'd forgotten she didn't know I could shape shift…Then I saw Sebastian. He looked shocked.
"I thought you couldn't control it." He said, eyes wide as my tail retracted.
"I didn't think I could." I couldn't look at his eyes, I needed to forget about him. So I focused on checking on Mey-rin. She started to come around a little and sat up, I smiled kindly, "sorry about that, I shouldn't have kept that a secret."
"t-that's al-alright _______, we all have secrets." I frowned a little at that, I was confused what could she mean. "d-don't worry I'll explain soon"
"Sure" I replied still confused but I let it go, "good morning Young Master," I said turning to Ciel avoiding Sebastian's gaze that I could feel burning into my skin, "is there anything you need?" I wanted to be helpful on my first day.
"Actually _______ there is. My fiancée-" I felt my eyes widen at the thought of this little boy having a fiancée, but it amused me and I really wanted to hear more. "-Lady Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford-" ooh impressive name I'm just ________ no last name. "-is coming early for the fancy dress ball we have coming up, she should be here in a few minutes I would like you to go with the rest of the staff to meet her off her carriage.
"My lord maybe I should be the only one to accompany Miss _______ to meet Lady Elizabeth, you know how she gets with new servants, she won't pay attention to any of the others she will simply whisk Miss _______ away to make her look…" Sebastian looked at me and then looked down "…cute" he finished. I went pink and I swear Mey-rin's nose bled a little. Ciel looked at Sebastian as if checking he was sure…
---Sebastian's pov---
The master gave me his 'are you sure' I swear I know him too well. I gave a slight nod. No way did I want to be around while Finny and Baldo are around drooling over ______ in a maid outfit. No chance.
---Your pov---
"Just do whatever as long as she is there to meet Lizzy when she gets here and maybe distract her for a while" I was dreading it was did Sebastian have planned what was he going to do, what did he want. I had enough questions about him that I wanted answering.
He held  the door open while I bowed to Ciel and Mey-rin, then we left the room together.
---Sebastian's pov---
So the not thinking about Miss _______ wasn't going as planned. I wasn't thinking. I didn't want to want her…but I didn't want anyone else to want her. It was clearly too late to stop either of those now.
We walked side by side for a little while in silence. She was trying so hard to ignore me her right hand grasped her left arm her head was down and she looked down at the floor away from me.
I was the opposite I couldn't stop looking at her. Her scent was overpowering it made me dizzy. Her beauty was dazzling. Her smile was enchanting. Damn, I couldn't think straight I hadn't noticed I had slowed down and she was ahead of me, I hurried to catch up and tripped over the leg of a table in the hall. I fell on top of her, her eyes went wide and her face went red. I stared into her beautiful ___(e/c)___ eyes for about a minute until I realised just what I was doing. I stood up, laughed awkwardly and held out a hand to help her up.
When she reached for my hand my gloved slipped off, eyes wide I covered up the symbol of the contract I had with my master. I took the glove off her and replaced It on my hand.
"what was that Sebastian? That mark." She asked, my heart sank.
"as Mey-rin said Miss ______, everyone has secrets." I helped her up.
"you know my secret." She looked into my eyes again her face was so close to mine.
"Not yet, I cannot tell you yet." So close now I swear I was leaning towards her now.
"but you will tell me one day?" our noses were practically touching, I smiled taking in every bit of her scent I could. I would do it I would kiss her and know once and for all how I felt.
"I promi-"
"CIEL!!!!!!!!!!OH CIEL WHERE ARE YOU???" _________ stepped away abruptly she looked shocked. I don't think I have ever felt so disappointed as I heard Lady Elizabeth burst through that door. She stopped and stared at miss ________. "new maid." She whispered happily. " YAAAY!! I have the cutest outfit for you!" Lady Elizabeth dragged Miss ______ away towards her usual room and I was stood in the hallway alone and embarrassed.
I'm just too excited I want to know what happens next ^^

i do not own any characters from black butler
(and for the record i don't own you either...unless you want me to)

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