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June 29, 2012
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Sebastian x Reader
Chapter 7
---Your pov---
I stood in front of my mirror for hours with my finger to my lips to remember his kiss, the way he felt, the way he smelt and tasted, I couldn't. I felt the ears on my head to see if I could make my body tingle the way it did when he touched them, I couldn't. I tried to dance by myself without him just to see if I could, I couldn't. Without him I wasn't whole. Without him now I just felt as if I was broken.
When we had left the ballroom he had walked me up to my room, I silently begged him to come in, to hold me and kiss me and sleep there next to me, but he didn't. I wanted him to tell me he loved me, but he didn't. He looked sad, as if he was hiding something, but I was so happy inside. I wondered if I had kissed him wrongly, if my dancing was terrible, if I looked ridiculous. My thoughts were muddled and erratic. I felt like I needed to escape, just to get some air. I wondered how though, it seemed I was learning how to transform more easily but a full transformation would be difficult. If I were to revert to my human form outside I would be naked…though when I had worn my rags they stayed on me and changed with me. I found them buried under my green dress, maid outfit and now my new black and midnight blue gown. They felt strange to wear now, but I needed to change.
After changing into my rags I sat cross legged on the floor, closed my eyes and thought carefully. I imagined my tail and ears shrinking to fit a smaller body. I imagined my torso shrinking and elongating, merging with my clothes and sprouting fur. I imagined my hands and feet morphing to soft furry paws. I imagined my legs and arms shrink. I Imagined whiskers popping out of a morphing face. I imagined a white cat with black paws looking at me in the mirror.
I opened my eyes I had transformed. I jumped neatly onto my dressing table to check my reflection. "Meow" my voice was perfect. I leaped to my windowsill and pushed open my window. A tree was just outside my window. 'Puurrfect' I thought. I jumped to the closest limb of the tree and eased myself down.  I ran as soon as I reached the ground (it felt so good to be feline again), I knew where I wanted to go, where I must go. My sense of direction was impeccable within ten minutes I had reached the entrance to the graveyard, to the place where my parents lay their heads. I found their grave easily. It was a simple headstone. Its inscription read 'here lie the unknown parents of the new born _______ may they ever watch over their daughter, they will forever live on in her heart.'
I stared at their grave for a good long hour. I pulled some daisies from the ground in my mouth and laid them in front of them. I transformed partly to a human with cat ears. I enjoyed keeping them now, they reminded me of Sebastian. I stood there for another hour or so and with a final look at them I turned back around to begin my journey home. I looked up and saw a woman…a man…wo…man…someone run around the corner with what looked like a chainsaw in his…her…its hand. It sighed.
"Oh I could have sworn it was here. Stupid souls always moving around before I have a chance to reap them." It spoke like a man so I decided to call it so. He had long red hair a pointed, sly looking face. His eyes were a peculiar banded green and yellow colour and were covered by a pair of red glasses connected around his neck by a chain decorated with skulls. His outfit was entirely red…red as blood.
"Eughh!" he squealed…like a girl (I was so confused). "Oh it's only a cat…it smells strange." How rude of him I thought. I did not smell. "It smells sweet as if there is a soul in there." Oh I'd been spotted. What was this thing? It wasn't human or a shifter. It could sniff out souls and looked strange those eyes…those eyes were the strangest of all. The irises had a green band around the pupil and a yellow band around the green. The man stepped closer and closer to me. I just stood there, I was scared I wanted to run but I couldn't. He scared me, very much.
"Grell?" asked a familiar voice, the man…Grell's eyes widened and he smiled, he spun on his heels to face;
"Sebby!" Sebby? How did this man know my Sebastian?
"Get away from her!" said Sebastian his eyes glowing pink. Grell blushed as his jaw dropped.
"Oh, Sebby that's okay, it's just a cat, no need to protect me." Grell smiled again showing a large number of long pointed teeth, I coward away from him.
"Not you, imbecile!" Said Sebastian, "I want you to leave that cat alone."
"Oh Sebby" Grell chuckled," I forgot your soft spot for cats. Okay, okay I give u-" Sebastian had just jumped up and used Grell's face as a springboard to reach me. He landed beside me paying no attention to the man lying on the floor twitching slightly behind him.
He held me close to him and whispered to me, "______ never leave me again, you worried me. Why did you come here?" I transformed while he still held me in his arms. I sobbed into his chest and my tears stained his crisp white shirt. I looked up at his concerned face and pointed to my parents' headstone. "Oh I see. You humans are so very fragile."
"What? What do you mean you humans? Sebastian what are you? Why do your eyes glow when you are angry? Why do you have such a strange mark on the back of your hand? Why do you know so much about the darker side of our world?" Sebastian looked shocked at hearing so many questions, I doubted he would answer, and I was right.
"_______, please wait just a little longer I will tell you soon. I love you but I shouldn't. I don't know what it is about you, but I want to give you my heart. I want it to be yours. Without you, when I couldn't find you, I felt…."
"Broken?" I finished, "I know…but why can't you love me."
"I won't stay here forever. I don't want to break your heart, because it would break mine."
"Sebastian," I held him close. "Never leave me…promise me." He looked down sadly. "Promise me." I leaned up and kissed him deeply. Our breaths mingled and tasted amazing, it was sweet and wonderful. I tangled my hands in his hair pulling him as close as I could to me, so I could keep him forever. His hands gradually wrapped around my waist. He wanted me and I wanted no…I needed him.
"Nooooooo" yelled Grell hurling his chainsaw at us. Sebastian didn't even break the kiss as he pinched the flying chainsaw to stop it and send it flying towards Grell. It was then me who broke the kiss.
"Stop, Sebastian, please." But it was too late Grell had barely dodged the weapon and stared in shock at Sebastian. "Oh Sebby are you trying to make me jealous," he dived on Sebastian, "well it's working" he said. It looked as though he was trying to kiss Sebastian but Sebastian merely punched him hard in the face this sent Grell flying across the graveyard and he landed head first into a headstone. I stared at Sebastian his strength was so great. Sebastian looked at me kindly and pulled me back into his arms.
"Looks like you have better control of your powers now." he smiled, I nodded but couldn't speak. "Would you like me to teach you how to shift into other creatures, I do know how." I looked up at me but before I had time to answer I was cut off by a strange man with long silver hair, a black hat and several scars that had popped out from behind the now cracked headstone which Grell had been thrown into. He had a very distinctive laugh too and when he laughed he held a finger up near his mouth.
"Heeheehee, well well well, I never thought I would see the day a demon fell in love with a human. Heeheehee"
"A d-demon." I stuttered leaping away from Sebastian, he looked hurt but I was too. That isn't something you hide. I transformed quickly and disappeared into the shadows before running back to the manor, back to my room, back to the only shred of normality. I needed time to leave before Sebastian returned. When I was far enough away from the Graveyard I transformed back to a full human.
"A demon…of course he is a demon" I said pulling out the only picture of my mother and father I had from the small pocket in my rags. And examined my mother's neck, there it was, the mark I had wondered about for so long. It was similar to that on Sebastian's hand…I had to ask him what the mark meant, and if he knew what happened to my parents. If he was responsible for their death's I would never forgive him.
Another chapter another day, one or two long awaited characters make their appearances ^^ hope you like it
Sorry its so short but i didn't want to make people wait any longer for this chapter so i worked for maybe an hour on it and then put it out. I have not even read through it yet so any reported mistakes would be nice to hear about so i can change them.

i do not own any characters from black butler
(and for the record i don't own you either...unless you want me to)

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