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June 30, 2012
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Sebastian x Reader
Chapter 8
---Sebastian's pov---
"Why did you do that?" I shouted at the undertaker. I jumped on him and grabbed his throat. He just smiled and gave me his unique laugh.
"Heeheehee Sebastian it's not my fault you did not tell this girl who you are. Heeheehee." Anger was bubbling up inside me.
"I was going to tell her eventually, of course I was, but I had to wait. I had to. Until it was right…I had to wait." I slowly let go of his neck but the anger was still there. I knew it was not the undertaker's fault, he was just mad, he couldn't tell you what day it was if he wanted to. All the undertaker knew was how to build coffin's and dissect and rebuild human's with great precision.
I turned to a moaning Grell and lifted the man up by his neck. "Ouch ouch ouch." He moaned at me before opening one eye and blushing profusely. "Oh Sebby, it's you."
"Why were you following her? What did you want?" I could feel my eyes burn slightly I knew they had turned pink now. I was ready to break this moron's neck if he didn't answer fast enough. The wind picked up and blew around me and I felt my swallowtail coat billowing in the wind.
"She has the kiss mark on her. She must die." Grell croaked as my hands squeezed tighter around his neck. "When a demon kisses a human, the human must die," Grell's eyes glowed and narrowed. "I feel as it is my duty as your lover to-" I squeezed even tighter as the undertaker said,
"Heeheehee, oh Grell have they come up with lots of new rules since I left. I have never heard that one before…Heeheehee" The undertaker chuckled. Grell winced.
"Neither have I." Said the slick voice of William T.Spears, He sighed and jumped down gracefully from a tall memorial to some wealthy baron. "I must apologise once again for Grell's behaviour, although you do know how I do hate to apologise. Especially to demon leeches like yourself."
"Will! Um um um. The girl had to die." Stuttered Grell his lie obvious now. I growled and was about to break the she-man's neck, but William came between us and kicked Grell into the same headstone I had and it shattered into tiny fragments. I glared at William.
"Heeheehee, my my I do have a lot of work to do. Well I best take my leave I have yet another headstone to make now. Heeheehee. Goodbye Will, Grell and Sebastian, I assume I am still invited to Sunday's ball at the Phantomhive manor. Heeheehee." Before I had time to answer he had disappeared.  I looked towards Will who had disappeared along with Grell. I sighed and looked towards _______'s parents' grave.
"I promise I will take care of your daughter, while I am here nothing bad will come to her. I love her." I picked some more nearby wild bluebells and intertwined them with _______'s daisies to make a wreath and laid it on their headstone. "I have to find her." I turned and walked towards the mansion, I knew her, she would be there. Waiting for me, she would ask questions, so many questions and I would answer all of them, no more secrets, no more.
---Your pov---
I had run back to my room and then got changed into the pyjamas I had received on my first night here. I sat on my bed waiting for him to come. I knew he would come.
It was about twenty minutes before I heard a knock on the door. "Come in…Sebby." I mocked him. It felt good to be able to mock him the man I loved, then hated and then needed answers from. He walked in with a familiar silver tray, two ornate porcelain cups and a matching pot full of tea.
"Tonight's tea is Darjeeling tea from Bengal in India." He smiled at me while I glared back at him. "______?" he asked whilst pouring me some tea. He looked concerned and then very sorry, "Look, I'm so so sorry," he handed me the tea, placed the tray on my bedside table and sat on my bed. I scooted away from him and sipped the tea, it tasted amazing.
"Thank you." He looked at me his scarlet eyes full of hope. "…for the tea, thanks for the tea."
"You are welcome Miss _______." He smiled slightly and was about to stand up.
"Wait!" I said a little too loudly and I grabbed him arm. He looked at my hand and sat back down. He covered my hand with his and looked into my eyes. I had to lick my lips a little and clench my teeth to not react to the tingles that spread through me when he touched my hand. I took his gloved left and removed his glove. He tried to cover the mark there but I had grabbed his hand before he could pull it away. "What is this? Tell me." I said calmly and plainly pointing to the mark. I wanted to give him the chance to redeem himself in my eyes. He sighed deeply. "No more lies Sebastian."
"I never lied to you, ______. I just…" I gave Sebastian a look that quieted him, apparently I can look very scary at times. "Okay," he said moving closer to me. He took my hand and made me trace the pattern on the back of his hand while he explained. This is the mark of a contract, it shows the link between me and my master."
"Ciel?" I asked.
"Yes," he laughed at himself a little. "Ciel is my master I am to serve him until the day those who humiliated him are destroyed and then…" he paused before stopping my hand from tracing the mark so I would look up at him. "…I will devour his young soul." I gasped.
"but he is just a boy!" I shouted my eyes wide.
"I know, he knew the terms of our contract when he agreed to it-" I cut him off.
"So when people have a mark like that…a demon will eat their soul?" I looked at him, terror was shown clearly in my eyes. I stood and walked over to my rags and drew the picture of my parents from my pocket. I gave the picture to Sebastian and waited.
"oh," he said quietly.
"I always wondered what that mark meant." I whispered, so that's why she died she made some sort of contract.
"I assume that your mother almost lost you while she was pregnant. She must have made a contract to see you be born happy and healthily, when she died a demon will have taken her soul." My eyes filled with tears. I knew he was right. My mother died to protect me, I collapsed onto my knees in a fit of tears. Sebastian knelt beside me, held me close and stroked my hair. "I'm sorry, but she must have loved you, we demons always make sure the humans who we contract with are sure of their decision before we agree to it. It is a sort of unspoken law." This did comfort me slightly. It was good to know that my mother had cared for me, it made me smile to think that she had sacrificed herself for me to live.
"Thank you Sebastian." I smiled a little.
"Can you forgive me for before?" He asked, he seemed very unsure.
"Of course. Just promise to never withhold information from me again." I laughed through my tears. He smiled one of his beautiful smiled that always made me feel weak. He picked me up and sat me up on my bed. He stepped back slightly and bowed the way I had seen him bow before Ciel many times.
"Yes, my love" He rose, beaming a great smile. He turned and began to leave to room.
"Wait!" I called again. He spun on his heels a little too eagerly, I blushed and smiled happily. "I don't want to be alone tonight." His eyes shone in realisation. He approached my bed and raised an eyebrow smiling slyly.
"What would you have me do milady?" He asked with a voice that sent chills coursing through me. I shivered.
"Whatever you wish, my lord. Just stay and I will be yours tonight and forever." It was my turn to smile as his eyebrows shot up and he was the one to blush. I made my ears and tail pop out to draw him to me. He moved as though he was possessed his eyes trained on me, his breathing was heavy and irregular. He sat on the bed and crawled up to me.
"Whatever I wish?" he questioned to check if I was sure.
"Yes, my demon." I laughed his eyes closed as he kissed me passionately knocking me over onto my back. I was his for what I hoped was truly forever…
I may have had a little too much fun writing the end of this chapter. There is still more to come, we still have to be taught how to transformed into other creatures and have a wonderful night at a ball. However i think we only have at most three to four chapters to go. enjoy them while they last ^^ i know i will. *reads end of chapter over and over again*

I do not own any characters from black butler
(and for the record i don't own you either...unless you want me to)

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